Stock Markers

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Often, particularly in the cowshed, a temporary mark is ideal. One that will only last half an hour or so. Foam Mark aerosol is the answer. It leaves a big bright mark, almost impossible to miss at the drafting gate. The foam will stay on the flank or the back. After about 30 minutes it dissolves away, so there is no confusion at the next milking. Lots of other stock marking uses. Water-based product. Pocket-size 265ml net contents. Available pink only.

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Raidex Raidl is a wax-based marker suitable for use on all types of livestock. (but not for use on wool). Ideal marker for pigs. Marks last longer than aerosol or dry raddle marks. Handy pocket-size wind-up tube, with sealing cap.Length 12cm, dia 3cm. Contents 75gm.
** 10-packs in single-colour only.
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When marking treated cows, a very reliable system needs to be used. One of the best places to mark is right on the udder, both sides, or rear. The new FIL Udder Mark is non-irritant and will stay visible for 8 days. It will always be very visible for the duration of the withholding period. We suggest using a red mark when a cow is first treated, then spray over with green when she is clear. No-block nozzle will spray at any angle. Net contents 500ml.