Milking Apron & Gowns

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Just what it says, a nice lightweight rip-stop nylon dairy apron. Great in the summer. Adjustable D-rings neck strap. Quick-clip back strap. Much more comfortable to wear than those heavy PVC aprons.
Drytex is a new-age waterproof, breathable fabric manufactured in Ireland. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear at all times.In the summer the breathability eliminates condensation inside the garment, and in winter it is wind and water proof for retention of body warmth. The gown features back fastening with waist tie, long sleeves with elasticised cuffs. Handy chest pocket for notebook, etc. This is the best garment yet for cowshed milking comfort.
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The standard milking garb in New Zealand and Australia has been the ubiquitous plastic apron. Utilitarian, but not made for comfort or best protection. New fabric developments now allow protective clothing to be water-resistant, at the same time as allowing air circulation. Our lightweight milking gowns are made of this material, giving all-over protection, but still comfortable even in warm weather. Velcro fastened at back. Full length sleeves. Boot length.
Our Lightweight Premium gown features some benefits over our standard lightweight gowns. This has a soft inside-neck material, more comfortable to wear for long periods. There are three large flap-covered, self draining pockets for easy access to items needed during milking. Closure is by a tie string, as well as Velcro. This gives a more comfortable ‘waisted’ feel to the gown. All-in-all, a better gown, well worth the small extra cost.