Kick Stop Devices

204 069
$35.95 inc. GST
Even very simple devices can be improved with some intelligent design work. Our Improved kick stop has different hook shapes to suit the back bone and the flank - the backbone hook is longer, and has a red cap to distinguish it. The length-adjustment knobs are a large, easy-to-use 9mm diameter, and are offset from centre so they are not accidentally depressed by contact with the shed breach rail. The end caps are of a new firmer material which will not come off so easily. All heavy duty galvanised steel. Maximum opening 70cm.
**Spares kit contains 1 of each blue and red caps, plus 4 x replacement springs.
204 072
$299.00 inc. GST
Kow Kant Kick is the brand of this kick stopper which has a long history in USA. We believe this is the most humane as well as the most effective device available for taming unruly cows during milking. Fits any size animal, fitting over the back, with tips into the flanks above the udder. Closing the clamp depresses the muscles that control kicking. Also useful during veterinary examinations, surgery, etc. If this doesn’t work, you will just have to send her down the road!
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$179.00 inc. GST
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$59.95 inc. GST
For those who find a standard Kick Stop device frustrating - hard to change size, going rusty etc., we now have the ultimate version. All stainless steel, with nice to operate Quick Release System® buttons for length adjustment even when the device is under load. No more trying to push in the little dimple pins with your thumb nail. This is a quality tool which should last your lifetime. There is a red cap for the longer back-bone hook, and a blue cap for the bottom-end flank hook. Maximum opening 75cm.