District Councils around the country are concerned about damage to road seal, and mess on vehicles, from herds crossing roads. Increasingly, with dairy amalgamations, farmers are needing their herds to cross sealed roads. Tunnels are the ideal solution, but they are very expensive. There is a low-cost alternative available. Roadmat, from Shoof, is a practical solution. The mat is made from very heavy duty woven polyester material. The 'front' end of the mat has a stitched-over 'pocket' right accross. This pocket is for a pipe or pole to push through to create a pull-bar (not supplied). Openings in the pocket facilitate attaching a chain bridle to loops welded on the pull bar. The whole mat can then be dragged out onto the road when required. The herd tend to naturally keep on the mat. When the herd has crossed, the pull-bar is pulled back over the mat and off the road. This automatically dumps the manure back onto the farm track.

The standard Roadmat is 8m long x 5.2m wide. Longer or shorter mats can be made on request. Roadmat does not require any maintenance, and should last many years of use (depending of course on frequency).