Millet Broom Tumut

Millet Broom Tumut products

Millet Broom Tumut Whisk w handle
211 120
$35.95 inc. GST
Millet Broom 6 Tie Outsider
212 712
$87.95 inc. GST
Millet Broom Tumut Woolshed 8-Tie
211 118
$109.00 inc. GST

Genuine Australian-made Tumut millet brooms using Riverina Highlands millet dried and created in the traditional way. You will appreciate the quality as soon as you pick one up. Child’s broom is a serious broom, in child’s size. The premium 8-tie is triple-wired and has strengthening cane in the centre of the millet for real industrial use. Great long-lasting brooms for cement, tiles, pavers, or the woolshed. Hardwood handles. Dimension is length o.a.

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