Wool Bale

211 881
$35.00 inc. GST
211 882
$39.00 inc. GST
211 883
$45.00 inc. GST
Wool class description codes, supplied as individual stencils. Letters are 75mm (3”) high. Other unusual class descriptions available on request. Plastic stencil.
207 262
$49.95 inc. GST
207 263
$129.00 inc. GST
All-plastic stencils ideal for wool bale use, but also for general purposes. Digits 75mm high. 0-9 disc is 37cm diameter. The A-Z discs are 45cm diameter.

Convenient aerosol stencil ink from Steadfast. Specially formulated for use on synthetic wool packs. Fast drying. Directions for use on can. Contents 350gm.

Oneshot is the ideal system for applying ink to stencils, particularly for marking wool bales. It consists of a special sealed ink cartridge which is pierced when it is attached to either a roller or brush head assembly. The ink flow to the roller or brush is then controlled by way of the thumb operated valve/pump on the head assembly. The cartridge becomes a convenient handle, and ink is applied with no mess. One-shot ink is suitable for all porous surfaces, such as wool packs and other fabrics. The roller and brush heads come with a cover to prevent drying out between uses. Clean up with turpentine.
207 239
$49.95 inc. GST
Specially formulated ink from Steadfast for use on synthetic wool packs. Fast drying for stencils use.
207 251
$25.95 inc. GST
Big fat marker pen ideal for marking wool bales, but many other uses will be found. Tip size is a big 8mm x 10mm. Pen is 150mm long x 25mm diameter. A big pen!
The Stencil Mate grower pack includes the Stencilmate brush head and three quick-fit disposable ink cartridges. This system enables a quick always-at-the-ready ink applicator for wool bale stencilling. Brush is 40mm diameter. The roller and tin offer an alternative inking solution.
Nickel-plated cast-steel needles are very strong. Round point, useful for all sewing work where cutting of hole is not wanted. Dimension is length across point to eye.