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The Sheepmat is manufactured in the same tradition as the famous Hoofmat for cows. It uses 31mm foam in a quality fabric outer. This should suit most existing race systems but the mat must be placed on concrete, wood, or other impervious surface. For successful treatment use in a situation where the animals will not be walking in dirty conditions, or for long distances, immediately after crossing the mat. Management systems may have to be developed to enable lame or at-risk animals to be treated to cross the mat at least once per day. Sheepmat can be used with about 10 litres of 2% copper sulphate solution, or other remedy as may be recommended by your veterinarian. Size of the sheepmat is 1.5m long x 0.46m wide.
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Designed to fit in a raceway for easy footrot treatment of sheep and goats. Sloping ends prevent leg damage. Ribbed base prevents slipping. Strong plastic manufacture will not rot or crack. Easily moved and emptied.

Dimensions: 2.4mL x 34cmW x 20cmD. Capacity approx 70 litres.

Good quality forged-steel snips specially developed for trimming hooves of sheep and goats. Serrated or non-serrated jaw is a matter of preference, but serrated jaw has less slippage. Length 25cm o.a.
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Nicely made high-quality lightweight shears in stainless steel with soft grips in Australian colours. Wrist strap. Blades lock. Length 20cm o.a. Blade length 5cm.
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Special fine-blade shears from well known UK manufacturer, Burgon & Ball. Ideal for trimming feet of sheep and goats. The fine blades allow accurate trimming between the claws. This tool is very sharp and will also have many other uses. Comfortable-design handles, with safety strap, and easy-to-operate thumb-slide for blades lock. Length 19cm o.a. Blade length 5cm.

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The handles on our deluxe hoof snips are of smooth powder-coated cast alloy, making them nice to hold. The blades are good and strong to prevent bending or weakening of their cutting tension. Length 23cm o.a.
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These hoof snips are from Burgon &Ball, UK. That means they are top quality, and will stay sharp longer and last longer. We do offer lower cost snips, but these are the ones to use on really tough jobs like trimming goat feet. Serrated snips have serration on one blade and feature Burgon &Ball’s unique fully-sharp serration technique. Rockwell hardened blades. Length 23cm o.a.
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From Burgon and Ball UK. This is a genuine Sheffield England knife, created especially for the farmer. A decent blade you can get your thumb on properly, curved to make short work of cutting just about anything. Folds up into a solid resin handle that won't jamb-up if dropped in the muck a few times. A blade you can get hold of, even in the wet. Length 11cm overall. 7cm-long stainless blade. NB: This knife is very sharp!