Our ‘Little Softy’ lamb/kid teat has been designed especially for use in our gravity lamb feeders. The Little Softy features the same inverted-tip design as our famous “Big Softy’ calf teat, thatis, fast-flow for hungry animals, and a non-leak quality. The Little Softy teat will fit straight into any feeders using standard 2mm pull-through calf teats. This enables any of these type calf feeders to be easily converted to lamb or kid feeding. Or if you wish to create your own feeder, drill 22mm holes in any suitable container.
NB: The ‘Little Softy’ is a very soft ‘starter’ teat. It may not stand up to heavy use by older lambs and kids. Teats should be changed to the ‘Regular’ lamb/kid teat at that stage.
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$14.25 inc. GST
Baby-quality strong and clear polycarbonate bottle cleans and sterilizes properly, unlike standard polypropylene bottles. Also the clarity makes for easy visibility of milk level and flow. Like babies bottles, the teat can be inverted with special screw-down cap to seal-off milk. Great for transporting full bottles. Soft latex teat with hollow-cone tip. Concealed non-leak air inlet prevents bottle vacuum. Bottle is 500ml capacity, marked in 50ml graduations.
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$37.95 inc. GST
The Roslam reviver is extremely safe to use, feeding colostrum, electrolytes or artificial supplements direct to the stomach. A feature is the special soft stomach tube, which does not get stiff in cold weather, and thus does not cause damage to sensitive tissue in the young lamb’s throat and stomach. Open ended bottle capacity 120ml, marked in 30ml graduations. Feeding tube is 42cm long.
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$47.95 inc. GST
For tying-off the umbilicus, or suturing vaginal prolapse. The Jorvet tape is braided polyester, 3mm wide x 18m long, easily extracted from the resealable plastic pottle. This is the finest of our vaginal tapes selection and also the most economical.

Kea crooks are well known to New Zealand sheep farmers. They are proven to be of good design and reliable manufacture. Kea crooks are now manufactured by Shoof International Ltd., using all Kea original tooling and materials. All models are made from 12mm tempered aluminium rod, with quality plastic grips. Lengths o.a. are: Short 83cm, Combination 113cm, Long combination 140cm, Long 128cm.

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$12.95 inc. GST
Developed by New Zealand sheep farmer, Mr David Brown, in the early 1990s, Woolovers are now manufactured in Australia. For management reasons lambing is most often carried out at a time of the year subject to adverse conditions, putting survival of many lambs at risk. Lamb mortality can be dramatically reduced. Not only are survival rates increased, but trials have proven lambs in Woolover covers gain 2/3 of a kg more weight in their first three weeks compared to uncovered lambs. The reduced feed demand on the ewe ensures she does better too. Woolover covers should be applied to all lambs under 4 days old when a storm is imminent. It is recommended that covers are left in place for up to 3 weeks (remove at docking time) to get maximum benefit, but if there is substantial improvement in the weather, covers can be removed and re-used for greatest economy. Woolover covers can be applied in about 30 seconds. The tail end is rolled forward and the lamb’s front legs, and then head, are inserted through the front holes (just like putting on a jersey). The tail end is then unrolled and the rear legs pulled through the holes. Care should then be taken to pull the cover up all the legs so it is snug against the lamb’s body. Survival is then assured in even very bad weather conditions. Woolover covers can be washed and re-used if removed after 3-4 days. Covers should not be left on lambs for longer than 3 weeks, except for exceptionally small lambs.