Cattle Handling

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The Chin-Ball Mating Harness was developed in New Zealand, and is used around the world for identifying mated cows. The robust harness/halter has a cone-shaped device underneath which contains a freely-rotating ball, working on the same principle as a ball-pen.
The stainless-steel container can be filled with ink of the desired colour. Each fill is enough to mark 25-30 cows (approx. 0.5 litre). When a cow is properly in season she will receive very clearly identifiable back markings from the bull (or cow) wearing the device. Marks fade in 4 to 14 days. We suggest changing colours on a 3 week cycle, to prevent any confusion. Ink is available in 1 litre containers. Ink is oil based.
NB: Ink must be mixed thoroughly if it has been stored for some time.
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Shoof own-brand self-piercing brass bull rings. Thumb-screw type locking pin, broken off when tight, revealing screw-driver slot. Dimensions are o.d. in mm.
NB: Brass rings are harder wearing than copper rings.
The yellow prodder is powered by 4 ‘C’ cells (supplied) located in a fully-sealed compartment. Weight 680gm.
Shoof own-brand self-piercing stainless steel bull rings.Longer lasting than copper especially on hard ground. Proven in use. Thumbscrew-type locking pin, broken off when tight, reveals cross-slot for screw driver. Dimensions are o.d. in mm.
High quality stainless steel tool from Aesculap of Germany. This is a smaller castrator, most suitable for calves or foals, and ideal for use by vets with smaller hands. Serrated-edge blades, with tension adjuster. Length 19cm o.a.
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The Willis spaying technique enables intra-vaginal or ‘passage’ spaying. The large-cow size is mostly required for exotic or tropical breeds. These stainless steel tools are specially manufactured for the purpose. Dimensions are hole length x width in mm.
NB: This technique should only be performed by professional operators.
A very handy prodder from Farmhand with a high power output. Powered by 4 ‘AA’ batteries. Excellent feature is the thumb-operated On/Off switch. Handy pocket size. Weight only 275gm. Supplied complete.
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Ample evidence is available of the benefits of letting stock scratch to shift insects and dead skin etc. (Lice usually live along the back of cattle and can actually be controlled by letting the cattle scratch adequately.) But of most interest to the farmer will be the ability of this system to apply oil, with or without pesticide, whilst brushing. The brushes have small spigot valves which release controlled amounts of oil whilst the animal scratches. The animal only needs this oil each 2 or 3 days to effectively control biting flies. Diesel oil is effective, but linseed or mineral oils are better.

For maximum fly control pesticide can be added at 1 litre per 25 litres of oil (check manufacturer’s instructions). The actual amount applied is just a few drops per animal, and the brush bristles ensure it is spread around whilst the animal scratches. The Cattle Brush and Oiler can be installed in a free-access raceway, or cattle yards, but for dairying is best mounted on an old trailer or similar which can easily be shifted each day with the herd. Your cows will very quickly learn to use it, and you will notice a steady trek to the brush all day. The flow of oil can be controlled, but if used fairly continuously by stock, the 25 litre container will last 3-4 days. Treatment should be repeated at 10-14 day intervals.

*2-holes and 5-holes.

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Cattle have a need to rub and scratch - to get rid of pests and dead skin and hair. This is important to their comfort, and by default of this, improve production or growth rates. This need is evidenced anywhere there is a tree or post or rail that cattle have access to. This post or wall mounted cattle brush from Kerbl, Germany fills this need. The spring-loaded top brush ensures good contact with varying size animals. The whole device is galvanised steel, and sturdy build, to withstand the roughest use. Replacement nylon-bristle brushes are available. (Brush 50cm x 10cm.)
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Used worldwide as an effective remedy for “hardware disease”, most often caused by hardware, wire etc, accidentally chopped up when harvesting grass or maize. These magnets are classic northern style, with adequate spaces to trap hardware within the cage. Length 100mm. Diameter 35mm.
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This bolus-type tool greatly improves insertion of 35mm-diameter rumen magnets. Length 50cm o.a.
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The old favourite bull holder you don’t need a degree to work. Supplied with 1.5m of good quality poly-rope. Length 20cm. Stainless steel.