Drench & Inject

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The Big Drencher uses our standard Easy Feeder calf feeding bottle with our new ‘Big Drencher’ probe. This probe is ideal for ‘volume’ drenching of mature cattle. The wide 70mm-dia neck makes for easy filling of drench products. The good hand-grip ensures the bottle is easy to handle in a drenching situation. For users who already own a Speedy Feeder or Easy Feeder (calf feeder bottle), the Big Drencher probe on its own will fit right on.
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Easy Drencher is a purpose-designed all-plastic bottle for safe and easy administration of volume drenches to mature stock. Easy Drencher features: easy-grip handle, 1.2 litre capacity marked in 100ml levels, 12cm-long safe plastic probe, wide 63mm neck opening for ease of filling.
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Simcro finger-grip vaccinators are sold world-wide, and are the biggest selling items in the Simcro range of applicators. This tool has been carefully designed to be the most comfortable to use, fitting nicely in your palm. All surfaces are rounded, and lightly etched for good grip even in wet conditions. The 4.7mm spigot for the delivery tube is tucked neatly into the inside of the handle. There is no external spring to gather dirt. Barrel is of clear polycarbonate. (Delivery tube and needles not supplied.)
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For the treatment of internal parasite infection due to abamectin-sensitive strains of gastointestinal round worms and lung-worm in sheep, including benzimidazole and levamisole-resistant strains.
Dosage: 1ml Abamectin per 4kg bodyweight - refer to label.
Withholding Period: Do not use less than 14 days before slaughter for human consumption.

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A sustained-action oral anthelmintic and flukacide for sheep and lambs. Controls barber’s pole worm, liver fluke and nasal bot.
Dosage: Sheep and lambs dose at 1ml per 5kg body weight as an oral drench.
Withholding Period: Do not administer less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Well known high quality Japanese-manufactured ‘Doctor’ brand. Reusable stainless steel needles in chromed-brass Luer-lock hub. Plastic pack of 12 needles. NB: Higher gauge number is thinner needle.
**Special short needles.
We chose these ‘economy’ stainless needles after trialling many brands from Asia. We are happy to promote these as ‘perfectly good needles’ at a very reasonable price. We guaranty you will be happy with them.
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Sterimatic is a UK-invented and patented system that prevents needle-stick injuries during vaccination jobs and reduces injection-site infections and abscesses. The system also reduces the potential of disease transmission from one animal to another. The Sterimatic system comprises a retractable sleeve which is fitted over the vaccinator needle and a disinfectant-impregnated quick-change Stericap which is placed on the end of the sleeve. The sleeve covers the needle completely, preventing accidental needle-stick injuries to the user. Each time the vaccinator is used, the Sterimatic sleeve slides back drawing the disinfectant-impregnated Stericap over the needle. In this way, the needle is sanitised each time it is used. A new stericap should be fitted after 100 injections. Sterimatic will fit all popular models of vaccinator.
The Sterimatic Kit comprises one sleeve assembly plus five stericaps and five needles. The needles are 1” x 18g (although in the Sterimatic the needle is effectively ½”). The Stericaps 5-pack comprises five disinfectant caps plus five needles.
The Henke vaccinator extension bar is a very robust semi-rigid extention device which attaches directly to Henke or other rubust vaccinators, to enable safer injecting or vaccinating of dangerous or fractious animals. The bar is easily attached with large thumb screws to any Luer-lock vaccinator or syringe. The needle end is also Luer-lock for safe retrieval of the needle. This extention bar has a very small-diameter bore to reduce any compression or hydrauling of fluids. Also for minimum wastage at completion of the job.
Glass barrel, and lack of any valves, make these quality syringes from Henke of Germany ideal for iron, copper or other corrosive pharmaceuticals. Luer-lock needle adaptor. Barrel volumes 10ml, 30ml and 50ml.
Dose rates: The 10ml syringe can be set to 0.25ml, 0.5ml or 1ml per trigger pull. The 30ml and 50ml syringes can be set to 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml or 5ml per trigger pull.
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Sekurus is the new award-winning patented ‘safety’ vaccinator from Simcro. This development followed some years of work, to produce a vaccinator that eliminated needle-stick injuries. The result is a shroud on the vaccinator tip that keeps the needle covered until the applicator is pressed onto the hide. The shroud then retracts allowing the vaccinator trigger to operate. Another feature of this new applicator is the small spikes on the shroud front, which ‘tent’ the skin for proper vaccination. These dial-a-dose applicators use only 16g x ½” needles (3 supplied). 12ml vaccinator has range 2ml to 12ml. Extra needles are available on Shoof code 204 833 (box of 12). Delivery tube not supplied. A spare parts list is included. Service kit includes O-rings, barrel, 4ml of oil.
Simcro V-grip vaccinators have a lighter action than finger-grip (FG) versions. This makes them ideal for big vaccinating jobs. All surfaces are rounded and lightly etched for good grip even in wet conditions. The 4.7mm tube spigot extends clear of the back handle, protected by the handle overlap. Barrel of clear polycarbonate. The tip of this model is all plastic, with the needle secured on the Luer tip by the screw-down cap. Variable dose. (Delivery tube and needles are not supplied.)