Fence Netting

214 432
$279.00 inc. GST
211 898
$325.00 inc. GST
This electrifiable netting is designed and manufactured specially for containing and protecting sheep and goats. It is available in heights of 90cm and 108cm, and is completely flexible, using non-electrified vertical nylon strands which are welded at every crossing to the electrified horizontal strands. Current is through three stainless wires in each strand, except for the bottom strand which is not electrified. Vertical strands are 17cm apart, for good integrity of the fence. Each 50m fence includes 14 dual-prong step-in plastic posts. Fence lengths can easily be connected for longer runs using the combined loom at each end.
211 826
$12.95 inc. GST
Kit of spare nylon plus insulators and connectors, for repair of damaged electrified fence netting.
Fence netting designed especially for containing & protecting sheep and goats. Heights of 90cm and 108cm. Topline Plus has been developed especially for uneven ground. Rigid vertical struts are used, instead of soft wire struts. These struts help retain the fence shape through hollows and over lumps. The 90cm fence has 7 wires, and the 108cm has 8 wires. Supplied with 14 plastic dual-prong posts. The upper strand is strengthened to enable tensioning of the fence. Upper strand also features 5 stainless steel wires (3 in other strands). Guaranteed UV-stable for 3 years.