Taragate Range

211 928
$275.00 inc. GST
Tarabungy is a ‘new era’ specially-developed gate cord from Taragate. It features an extra layer of braided polyethylene, compared to other bungy cords on the market, to protect the latex rubber inner cores from harmful UV radiation. This makes Tarabungy more durable than other bungy cords. Tarabungy also features six stainless steel conductivity strands to ensure reliable shocking. Cut cord to about 2/3 length of gate required, to give preferred tension. (i.e. Cut 3m for a 5m gateway.)
214 175
$139.00 inc. GST
215 581
$5.95 inc. GST
This reel from Taragate has some interesting features. Apart from being produced in top quality materials, and having a smooth-operating 3-to-1 geared drive for fast wind-ins, it has a special, patented, wire guide. This guide ensures the wire feeds cleanly into the spool and does not ‘hop’ over the side of the reel. This feature is especially ideal when winding in around corners or over hills, etc. Another great feature is the friction brake on the spool lock lever. This ensures the lever stays in the open position when you are running wire out, and does not suddenly fall into ‘lock’ position, bringing you to a sudden halt. Supplied complete with special fence wire end-hook designed to hook securely on wire, tape or standards. (Clip will not fall off high-tensile fence wire.)
206 411
$8.95 inc. GST
To cater for the price conscious, Taragate also produce a budget handle. This handle can be perfectly satisfactory where the special Taragate Clip-Away handle feature is not of any advantage. (i.e., gateways not opening into a raceway, etc.) Usual Taragate high-visibility white. Replacement spring available. Very strong and long lasting.
206 430
$8.95 inc. GST
The Taravator gate activator. It serves as anchor point and current conductor. The stainless steel pin bolt has double nuts with washers, to which the fence current lead is secured. Taravator’s features are the big sturdy 4-point securing base plate, and the wide latch point for easy latching. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
206 407
$65.00 inc. GST
The 2-strand Taragate is ideal for weaned calves, through to mature cattle.Made for two tape strands about 45cm apart. Tape tension is maintained by the poly-bow on the hinge end. The Taragate handle can be ‘stepped-in’ across a raceway, or back along the fence line. This is a great feature. Instructions included. (Tape and buckles not included.)
206 408
$94.95 inc. GST
The 4-strand Taragate is suitable for all animals, from sheep and calves to cattle. Made for four tape strands over 80cm top to bottom, using 20mm or 40mm tape. Gate tension is maintained by four galvanised springs on the four tape strands. The Taragate handle can be ‘stepped-in’ across a raceway, or back along the fence line. Instructions included. (Tape and buckles not included.)
206 414
$13.95 inc. GST
This is a revolution in gate handles. If you have used a standard handle you will know when you swing it across the race or back of the fence and clip it on to a fence wire, it slides back along the wire dropping onto the ground. The patented Clip-Away design stays where you put it on the fence wire. And if the fence is live the Taragate will be live. As well as this unique design feature, the Clip-Away handle is extra-heavy duty, containing 30% more plastic, than competing handles, and is more resilient when driven over, etc. And the usual Taragate white makes it more visible. There is no better gate handle.
215 583
$55.95 inc. GST
Polywire fence wire by Taragate with 6 stainless steel conductors.
206 404
$3.95 inc. GST

Taraclamp Wire Connector sold as each.

212 184
$99.95 inc. GST
The ‘Lifestyler’ version of the 4-strand Taragate includes 25m of 20mm Taratape, which is suitable for a gate up to 6m. As this kit comes complete with tape it is ideal for the ‘lifestyle’ farmer who may not want to have to buy a 100m roll of tape to make up one or two gates.

Replacement strand-spring for 4-strand Taragate.

High quality fence tape with stainless steel conductors - with three tinned-copper strands.