Bait Boxes

211 409
$4.95 inc. GST
211 408
$19.95 inc. GST
211 407
$23.95 inc. GST
Bait box especially for mice. Small enough to tuck in dark corners. Takes two regular 50x40mm bait blocks. Key lock. Child and pet safe. Dimensions 13cm x 9cm x 4cmH.
211 236
$75.95 inc. GST

All metal sliding roof, weatherproof bait station. Base section has 3 or 5 bait compartments that are inaccessible by pets, children or any larger-than-rodent animals. Bait is put in the centre compartment only. Takes standard 40mm x 50mm bait blocks. The other compartments catch spillage, preventing any poison exiting the station. Rodents access bait and depart to die. All metal, powder coated. Locking pin prevents accidental opening.


  • 3-space - 35cm long x 15cm wide x 10cm high.
  • 5-space - 51cm long x 15cm wide x 10cm high.