Fly Killers

The FlyMaster Kit comes complete including a winding reel and frame assembly, hooks and pulleys as may be required, and a full 400m roll of fly tape. This kit is ideal for large commercial installations such as piggeries, poultry houses, stables, etc, where the tape can be run out around a substantial area. Then by using the empty winding reel assembly the tape is wound in as required. When all is wound in, the reel is dumped and the empty reel becomes the new wind-in reel.
Note: To prevent catching small birds, mount the fly catcher tape close to the ceiling.
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$39.95 inc. GST
Supplied with a simple wire hanger, the roll is pulled out as required, then cut off and discarded when full or dried out. This model features 3D fly images to attract flies.
The Mini-kit includes all the componentry required to set up an automatic roll-out line, including mounting brackets and screws, full and empty reels, and full instructions for use. Mini-kit has 24m of 4.5mm wide sticky tape. The refill has another full 24m roll. Simply use the previous now-empty roll as the new wind-in roll, to have a continuous system.
Now this one is a real gem!Just like the old-days of fly catchers. Pull the tab on one of the rolls, and out comes a plastic-topped thumb tack, and 65cm of 4cm wide very sticky ribbon. Pull gently to prevent tearing. Tack the end up and let the tape hang free. Dump when populated or getting dry.