Trough Valves

The Fast Flo trough valve is ideally suited to tight-fitting environments. Supplied with one through-trough flange fitting, short float arm and 70cm float cord (with nuts). Recommended use of 115mm ball float (not supplied). Length 30cm overall, fitted, including attached ball. (Float cord is not suitable for short-arm valves.) Use a Hansen Male Adapter for threaded troughs.
This brass-body valve is supplied complete with 2 through-trough fittings, short brass float arm.
This Hansen valve is the ideal one for use in small tanks and troughs - Eg calf-shed water bowls with very short float clearance. The valve is supplied with one through-wall flange fitting. It has a strong plastic arm with unique ‘Ezi Clamp’ float connection that enables easy and precise float adjustment. This valve will operate perfectly at very high water pressure - up to 12 bar (170psi). It is also very quiet, which can be a great advantage for use in house water tanks.
The Max Flo trough valve gives a much greater flow rate than Super Flo valves, and is also much more capable of dealing with sediments. It is supplied complete as pictured, with 2 through-trough fittings, unbreakable adjustable float arm, optional extention for float arm, 60cm of cord and a 100mm ball float. Max Flo flow rate is 570L/min @ 29p.s.i.