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This hi-tech instrument is used to measure temperature of hay, silage, grain, compost or any crops in storage. The 1.5m probe is inserted into any material where temperature needs to be monitored. The lead is then plugged into the hand-held display unit. Readout is in large digits for easy reading in all conditions. The probe can be dismantled into two 75cm parts for easy carriage. Powered by a standard 9v battery. Measurement range -50°C to +150°C. Measurements in 3-5 seconds.
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Moisture content testing from 5% to 30% in a simpler way. This hand-held meter features twin probes which are simply inserted into the hay orgrain pile. The instrument can be set for a variety of grain types, and will read temperatures as well as moisture content. A standard figure can be set so that the meter then gives an audible warning for readings over the standard. Probes 30cm long, can be de-coupled from the meter. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (supplied). Weight 200gm.

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This hay thermometer and moisture meter from Draminski is valuable for determining moisture content of hay and straw, ensuring safest storage. The meter measures the electrical conductivity of hay or straw, converting into a moisture percentage reading, also giving the temperature at the same time. To achieve an accurate result the 56cm probe is pushed well into the bale or heap. At least five readings should be taken for accuracy of result. The unit can store these readings and then give the average result. The meter is powered by a standard 9 volt battery. Readings for moisture between 10% and 80%, and temperature from 1-100°C.
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Ralph Martin ‘Crocodile’ brand, made in England. Traditional cane knife with beech-wood handle. Strongly made with 4-rivet handle. Blade 28cm long. Trash-clearing hook on back side. Short handle knife is 50cm long o.a. and the long handle knife 68cm o.a.