Tow Ropes

215 564
$19.95 inc. GST
Designed as a tow rope, this very strong 4m-long strap has an eye-splice one end (handy to pop over a tow-ball) and high-tensile steel safety hook at the other. Rated at 4,000kg break-strength.
215 565
$55.95 inc. GST
Designed as a tow rope, recovery strap, winch extension strap, and generally useful heavy-duty load strap. Rated to 4,500kg break-strength.
215 563
$75.95 inc. GST
Something everyone ever going off-road, or on bush trips should carry. This very heavy-duty strap is made of nylon webbing which gives up to 20% stretch under maximum load. This cushions the shock out of sudden pulls. Leather wear-linings on end loops. Fully compliant with latest Queensland safety standards. Rated to 8,000kg break-strength.