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Our Barnel Tipper uses drop-forged hardened steel cutting blades for good cutting edge, and aluminium handles for lightness. Blades open to 60mm diameter. Length is 93cm o.a. Weight 1.4kg.
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The food in this type of feeder is only available when poultry stand on the step plate. The feeder shutter then opens and the feed is available. This prevents access and contamination by birds and vermin. This is all activated by the weight of the bird - which can be set from 250gm to 5kg. The feed chamber has space-dividers to keep birds from competing with each other. Also an anti-spill lip to prevent fall-out of feed. The feeder is completely weatherproof. All zinc-plated with glass-nylon lid and step plate. Dimensions: 5kg = 26 x 28 x 40cm high; 8kg = 26 x 28 x 45cm high; 12kg = 33 x 23 x 50cm high; 20kg = 33 x 26 x 66cm high. Needs minor assembly on receipt. Instructions included. From Europe.
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These Ethanol alcohol wipes are made of non-woven material. Use for pre-milking teat disinfection, teat disinfection prior to antibiotic or other infusion, general veterinary disinfection and disinfection of hands during milking or veterinary procedures. Very effective and easy to use. Sealed dispenser pack. More effective and economical than usual isopropyl alcohol and cotton wool teat treatments. Wipes are 14cm x 21cm.
NB: Wipes open and unused for some months should be discarded, as they can become seriously contaminated with bacteria, and cause infections rather than kill them.
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This separator has a throughput of 80 litres/hour turning the crank at a comfortable 60-70rpm. Bowl capacity is 12 litres. Cream density is adjustable. The body of this machine is made of cast metal, to give maximum strength. The bowl and upper components are all polycarbonate, giving clarity, easy cleaning, and high impact resistance. This is a good quality smooth-running machine. Dimensions: 50cm high, 36cm diameter bowl. Weight 7.5kg.
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The Motop 80L 240v electric separator has a throughput of 80 litres/hour. Bowl capacity is 12 litres. Cream separation is ajustable from 1:4 to 1:10 litres of skim. The body of this model is all polycarbonate, for best electrical safety, as well as being high strength. The upper components and bowl are also polycarbonate, with discs of aluminium. Dimensions: 52cm high, 36cm diameter bowl. Weight 6kg.
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The Excalibur Castle is a single-blade knife, suitable for general and skinning use. It features a wood grip and lock-open blade.
The Bearhead Trapper is a 2-blade general purpose stock knife with a general-use blade and a castrating blade. It also features a steel pick and tweezers.
This is a Junior Stockman but with a single carbon-steel blade. This knife can stay unobtrusively in any pocket.
The Junior Stockman is a 3-blade general purpose stock knife. Carbon steel blades. Blade variety to suit all tasks.
This is a single-blade knife.The blade features a cutting front edge and a special grafting spur on the back edge. Red handle.This is possibly our most popular grafting knife.
Top quality blades from Aesculap of Germany. Individual sterile foil packs in box of 100 blades.