Cutting & Clipping

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$215.00 inc. GST
Our Barnel Tipper uses drop-forged hardened steel cutting blades for good cutting edge, and aluminium handles for lightness. Blades open to 60mm diameter. Length is 93cm o.a. Weight 1.4kg.
215 831
$139.00 inc. GST
Usual extreme Barnel quality and comfort. High-carbon, 'wavey', non-stick, hardened-edge blades for most efficient and smooth cutting action. Angled handles for knuckles clearance. Big double polyurethane bumpers to eliminate closure shock. Patented centre-pivot oiler for continuous lubrication without dismantle of tool, also reduces friction for maximum cutting efficiency. Dimension is the length overall. Weight only 915gm.
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$215.00 inc. GST

These loppers from Barnel USA are intelligently designed. At 1.4kg they are very lightweight. This combined with the very thin, 74cm-long forged
aluminum handles, makes them extremely versatile, especially when extending full stretch for distant branches. They also feature soft rubber grips, the usual Burnel polyurethane closure bumpers, and patented centre-pivot oiler which reduces friction during heavy cutting. Blades are precisiong-round high-carbon tool steel with self-cleaning sap groove. Dimension is length overall.

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$129.00 inc. GST
These loppers are high quality, featuring usual Barnel light-weight and comfort-design features. High-carbon, tool-steel, precision-ground blade with deep sap groove to self clean at each cut. Patented centre-pivot oiler for continuous lubrication without dismantle. Big polyurethane bumpers to eliminate closure shock. Dimension is the length overall. Weight only 910gm.
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$55.95 inc. GST
Tiger Tooth is Barnel's brand for this super-sharp cutting instrument. The interesting thing is the two rows of teeth do not protrude out the side like most saws. They are flush, so that the cut is left very smooth for quickest and safest healing. The blade folds safely into the handle when not in use. The blade is quite short at 15cm, so especially useful for working in confined spaces. Usual Barnel TPR soft rubber handle, with grip return to stop your hand slipping off the handle. (Cutting is done on the back stroke.) SK4 high-carbon Japanese Samurai-sword steel blade is top of its class for cutting speed and quality. Dimension is open length overall. Weight is only 175gm.
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$32.95 inc. GST
Especially suitable tool for finer hands. So light and comfortable you hardly know you are holding it. Usual Barnel features - high-carbon, non-stick, precision-ground blade. Soft and smooth TPR handles. Deep sap groove to self-clean blade. Rugged coil spring. Closure lock works from either side. This tool is ideal for rose dead-heading. Dimension is the length overall. Weight only 130gm.
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$32.95 inc. GST
A very neat little tool especially suitable for fine work such as floral arranging, etc. 4cm-long needle tips slip into the smallest opening, with minimal disturbance around them. Usual Barnel high-carbon steel, non-stick, precision double-ground blades. Soft comfortable TPR grips. Positive-action slide lock accessible either side. Rugged coil spring. Dimension is the length overall. Weight only 125gm.
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$19.95 inc. GST

We now offer a sturdier version of our well known tail trimming scissors. These are made from cast stainless steel and feature a serated jaw to reduce slippage. Jaws are spring opening, to reduce hand strain, and have a simple hook closure lock. Length 24cm o.a.