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Farmhand is for the larger garden and lawn jobs that are still most easily accomplished with a push-type spreader. Hopper capacity is up to 56kg. These machines are on pneumatic tyres. The gearbox will stand some decent wear and tear with a 13cm crown wheel. The large-quadrant flow control mechanism is easy to operate for accurate, incremental sowing rates, and features an adjustable stop device so exact rates can be set and repeated. Spread width is 4-6m, depending on material being applied. The whole unit is mounted on a sturdy pipe frame. Handles are full height for stoopless operation. A transparent hopper cover is supplied.
NB: Some assembly with regular home handyman tools is required on receipt.

219 564
$289.00 inc. GST

Hopper 52cm x 39cm. Towbar length 76cm. Weight empty 11kg. Wheels 16cm o.d.

219 566
$399.00 inc. GST

Hopper 74cm x 34cm. Towbar length 74cm. Weight empty 18kg. Wheels 36cm o.d.

219 567
$499.00 inc. GST

Hopper 86cm x 59cm. Towbar length 72cm. Weight empty 20kg. Wheels 36cm o.d.

220 978
$25.95 inc. GST
Here is a nice variation on the hand-held spreader. Use for seed, fertiliser, pest-control or any granulated product needing application on small areas. Controllable and settable gate to adjust flow. Wind handle and walk at steady pace. Nice feature on this one is the extending arm support. Take the load off your wrist. Hopper 21cm x 24cm x 11cm deep.
205 827
$25.95 inc. GST
For small seeding and fertilising jobs. Just fill up the hopper with seed, fertiliser or whatever you require to spread. Use the sliding gate to adjust the flow. Wind the handle whilst walking at a steady pace. After a couple of test runs you will soon establish the spread rate you require. Capacity up to 3kg, depending on weight of product being used (e.g. 3kg of fertiliser v 1.5kg of grass seed.) Instructions included.
220 983
$89.95 inc. GST

Evergro is a new range of spreaders at the economy end of the market. Most suitable for the home lawn and garden. Wheels are 22cm-diameter solid plastic. Hopper capacity approx 27kg of fertiliser. Trigger grip to control flow. Can be pre-set as required. Hopper dimensions 48cm x 33cm x 22cm deep.

220 982
$129.00 inc. GST

Evergro is a new range of spreaders at the economy end of the market. Most suitable for the home lawn and garden. Wheels are 22cm-diameter solid plastic. Hopper capacity approx 27kg of fertiliser. Trigger grip to control flow. Can be preset as required. Hopper dimensions 48cm x 33cm x 22cm deep.

For the organic gardener, or just those who do not wish to use weed killing chemicals, this is the tool to use. Light with the instant Piezo ignition, and sweep slowly along about 5cm (2”) above the weeds. The plant only needs to be heated, not burned. The heating causes the cells walls to burst, and the plant dies. (To check this is achieved, pressing a leaf between fingertips should leave a dark green finger print). Leaves should fall after 2-3 days. Some hardier weeds will need repeated treatments through the growing season. Using the 0.34kg refillable hand-held propane bottle (as pictured) will give about 1 hour of continuous burn. A 3m extension hose is available for use with larger, heavier gas bottles, to give flexibility of use.