Butter Churns

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From Motor Sich, Ukraine; same supplier as our cream separators. This machine is all plastic and stainless steel. The cream container has a volume of 8-litres, with churning capacity minimum of 2-litres and maximum of 6-litres. Internal ribs create vortexes for conversion of the cream into butter as the contents rotate. The motor head is easily attached and detached from the bowl by use of two quick-lock clamps. The whole machine has a sturdy and solid feel. It is all easily cleaned and maintained. Only one moving part. Integrated handle for easy carrying. Dimensions: height 56cm, diameter 26cm. Weight 7kg.
This churn is more interesting than it appears at first glance. The glass jar is very big and strong with a total capacity of 4 litres. Working capacity is about 2.5litres. Churning is by way of a one-piece removable wood paddle set (easily removed for cleaning). Handle grips are oak with the main structure of cast metal. The crown wheel and pinion are of machined steel. Turn at around 40-50 revolutions per minute. Gear ratio is 1:4. Butter should be produced in around 20 minutes. Instructions included. Replacement jar available. This is a nice product.
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This device was originally developed in England in the 1840s, by one John Kilner. The product is essentially the same device as it was then. Turning by hand at a reasonable speed for 10 minutes can churn 300ml of good double cream into 115gm of butter. Salt or flavour to your own desires. Glass jar is 1-litre capacity. Instructions included.