204 111
$32.95 inc. GST
The Excalibur Castle is a single-blade knife, suitable for general and skinning use. It features a wood grip and lock-open blade.
The Bearhead Trapper is a 2-blade general purpose stock knife with a general-use blade and a castrating blade. It also features a steel pick and tweezers.
This is a Junior Stockman but with a single carbon-steel blade. This knife can stay unobtrusively in any pocket.
The Junior Stockman is a 3-blade general purpose stock knife. Carbon steel blades. Blade variety to suit all tasks.
General purpose cutting blade and special brass grafting blade. The cutting blade features a special spur on the back edge useful for grafting work.
This is a single-blade knife.The blade features a cutting front edge and a special grafting spur on the back edge. Red handle.This is possibly our most popular grafting knife.
Top quality blades from Aesculap of Germany. Individual sterile foil packs in box of 100 blades.
From Lux Sutures in Luxembourg, Europe. These are ‘mid-range’ carbon-steel blade, being mid-quality at a very reasonable price. Certainly we think they are very suitable for professional and non-professional use. Pack of 100 blades in individual sterile foil wraps.
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$24.95 inc. GST
203 561
$19.95 inc. GST
Stainless steel hardware for home-kill use. Ideal accessories for the Fast-lock pulley system for home-kill. Gambrel is 28cm wide from 10mm rod, and S-hook is 16cm o.a. from 6mm rod.