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$99.95 inc. GST
This block is to replace the old oilstone you all know so well. Thing is, this one achieves an edge in half the time, and can also be used to “grind” down highly worn tools such as axes, pruners, etc. Block is 2” x 6” (5cm x 15cm) mounted on a quality walnut pedestal. This is really the way to sharpen all your tools and knives. Well worth the cost.
The Paul Mitchell diamond sharpener is by far the best tool we have seen for properly sharpening any hoofknife. The fine end neatly files in the hook. The broad end for the blade.
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$22.95 inc. GST
Handy pen-style capped sharpener is coated with Dupont industrial diamond dust. (Also useful for knives, scissors and fish hooks!)
202 015
$19.95 inc. GST
Handy pocket-size sharpener extremely useful for touching-up everything from fish hooks to hand tools, hedge clippers, pruners, knives and even lawn mower blades etc. This one is medium grade to get a faster cut but still give a very sharp edge. ¾” x 2” (2cm x 5cm) diamond stone bonded to 6” (150mm) plastic handle.
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$69.95 inc. GST
Very useful belt or pocket tool for touching-up anything from hunting knives to fish hooks. Diamond shaft inverts into machined brass handle. This model is ideal for hunter or sportsman, and comes complete with heavy duty leather belt pouch. Diamond coated shaft is 9cm long x 6mm dia.
Do you get frustrated trying to “steel” an edge on your favourite carving knife? No longer! Just a few touches with this fine steel and you will have the perfect edge. (Don’t over do it!) Round 10” (25cm) diamond coated shaft with black plastic handle.

Our Cambrian high-carbon tool steels are top quality New Zealand manufacture. The rabbiter model has 15cm of sharpening length and incorporates a safety bar. The butcher steel has 30cm sharpening length and a white polypropylene handle with strong hanging ring. The kitchen steel has a black polypropylene handle with moulded-in hanging shackle.

State of the art Ultimate Edge knife sharpening steel. Microcrystalline diamonds bonded with nickel to a lightweight oval-section steel shaft. This steel will both sharpen and realign your knife’s edge at the same time, producing a near-perfect cutting edge. Dimension is sharpening blade length.
NB: The 10cm lightweight metal pouch converts to become a handle (as pictured).