Measuring Jugs

204 546
$5.70 inc. GST
209 096
$7.55 inc. GST
204 545
$9.95 inc. GST

Not all measuring jugs are created equal. Our Fjord jugs are made to suit industry, rather than just the kitchen. They are highly chemical-resistant, food grade polypropylene, and they are easy and safe to hold. Fjord carefully researched the ergonomics of handling a jug of potentially dangerous liquid.  Their handles suit a gloved hand as well as a bare hand - a very important feature. When using a Fjord jug full to specified volume, there is still heaps of freeboard. And the spout pours precisely. And the measurement marks won’t rub off. So buying these quality jugs is worth more than their price.

Handy measuring cylinders for mixing or dispensing small amounts of liquid. Calibrated at 5ml intervals. Clear plastic.