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$255.00 inc. GST
The Biological Junior is a monocular microscope suitable for senior students and for farmers’ spore and cell counting needs. The rotating lenses give magnifications of 40X, 100X and 400X. There is coarse and fine focus adjustment. Light can be from the concave mirror, or from the 240v transformer 15W bulb. A dust cover is supplied. Microscope is 30cm tall o.a.
Special compartmentalised slide for counting the number of stomach worm eggs in faeces from cattle, sheep, horses and other ruminants. This allows evaluation of the efficacy of the worm drench or drenching program being used, and also the likely pasture contamination in a given area. Ideally used with our Microscope Netsilver Senior, or with other 10X objective microscopes. The green printed slide makes for considerably easier recognition of grid lines. Slide can be cleaned and reused. Instructions for use are included.