This brooder tank is most suitable for the amateur breeder. The circular design avoids any interior corners - the cause of many chick deaths. The brooder is easily moved about using the high handle. The tank is 60cm in diameter x 30cm high. The mesh floor is raised about 5cm from the large bottom pan so that droppings fall clear and are easily disposed of. Ample space is available for food and water containers (not supplied). The upper mesh cover is easily removed for access. This brooder should be ideal for the hobbyist raising 10-12 chicks, or for the breeder of other small animals, birds or reptiles. The brooder is supplied without heater lamp, but these are available separately in a range of wattages (see index). Intensity of the heat lamp can be controlled by adjusting the chain length. The whole unit has excellent ventilation for a healthy environment.
This kit comprises a fully washable corrugated plastic wall, suitable for up to about 15 chicks - depending on breed and size. Also included is a height-adjustable PVC lamp stand (nil lamp) with a lamp hook incorporated. The lamp can be raised periodically as chicks grow. The stand can be secured to the tank wall. Tank wall is 40cm high and makes a 90cm-diameter brooder. From Little Giant, USA.
NB: Floor and lamp not included.