Little Giant

212 431
$119.00 inc. GST
212 432
$139.00 inc. GST
Large-capacity heavy-duty dent-proof drinkers from Little Giant, USA. These drinkers are easy to carry when full, with the big easy-grip cap handle. The cap screws securely onto the container with a large-section thread, and seals on an o-ring. A small screw-on cap is located on the container side, but is screwed on to the water outlet to stop leakage when the unit is being carried and filled. The container snaps into the plastic base. Spares kit contains breather cap and seals set.
Another great quality product from Little Giant, USA. The 78cm-long hose is connected to a regular garden-type tap. A float valve controls the water level. Water capacity is approx 4 litres. Bowl is 10cm deep. The large 32cm-diameter cover extends beyond the 30cm-diameter bowl to keep the water clean. The pitch on the cover prevents roosting. Cover is height adjustable. This drinker is for mature birds. (Not suitable for young chicks.)