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$99.95 inc. GST
Simple non-suspension galvanised poultry feeder with plastic lid. The feed tray is 52cm diameter with a 13cm-high lip, and the height is 60cm overall. Feed flow is controlled by means of a series of clip-holes on the central spindle. The plastic lid is simply lifted off for filling.

Simple galvanised-iron poultry feeders, with plastic lids. The 5kg feeder tray is 32cm diameter and the height is 30cm o.a. The 18kg feeder is 38cm diameter and the height is 50cm o.a. The plastic lid is easily removed for filling. Feed flow is adjustable by means of an internal holding clip. The feeders can be suspended by use of the hole at the top of the centre spindle.

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These feeders are made in Australia and feature thicker metal and heavier construction than other galvanised feeders. For standing use only.