211 568
$149.00 inc. GST
This is a full-size transport coop with large spring-catch top hatch door. Folds down to only 10cm high for storage or empty transport. It has a 9mm-high rim which locates in a bottom groove for secure stackability, full or empty. Good ventilation. Safe transport. No droppings tray. Dimension: 81cm L x 61cm W x 27cm H.
Required tool for fitting Wire Fastener clips. Length 19cm. Made in USA.
These clips are designed for use in poultry cages, to clip netting together, ensuring a neat and tidy job with no wire ends protruding to cause harm. Simply applied with special applicator plier. Essential cage building material. Approx. 550 clips in 450gm bag and 8,000 in 9kg box. Made in USA.
219 001
$2.95 inc. GST
An amount of cotton-yarn pieces ideal for nest material for any small breeding birds. This box should be used as a dispenser on the inside of the cage or house - to allow the bird to peck material out of, for building her nest. (What a good idea!)