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The food in this type of feeder is only available when poultry stand on the step plate. The feeder shutter then opens and the feed is available. This prevents access and contamination by birds and vermin. This is all activated by the weight of the bird - which can be set from 250gm to 5kg. The feed chamber has space-dividers to keep birds from competing with each other. Also an anti-spill lip to prevent fall-out of feed. The feeder is completely weatherproof. All zinc-plated with glass-nylon lid and step plate. Dimensions: 5kg = 26 x 28 x 40cm high; 8kg = 26 x 28 x 45cm high; 12kg = 33 x 23 x 50cm high; 20kg = 33 x 26 x 66cm high. Needs minor assembly on receipt. Instructions included. From Europe.
These Crown Suspension feeders are quite large size, with a big aluminium ‘coolie hat’. They both have a 43cm-diameter plastic base, 8cm deep, and ‘hat’ diameter of 47cm. Feed flow is easily adjusted internally by a wing-nut adjuster. These corrosion-free alloy feeders will last a long time.
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Ideal feeder for small birds and chicks. The 8 rounded and ribbed openings reduce feed spillage to a minimum. An internal barrier prevents feed overflow. The 1-litre (1kg) container locks securely into the feeder base.
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$69.95 inc. GST

This is a large hopper-type feeder, suitable for a wide range of birds, with a rim height of only 7cm. The hopper holds 18kg, and has a clip-down lid. The flow rate can be adjusted by three wing-nuts underneath the feeder. Feed flows over a centre cone to the outside of the feeder. There are 15 5cm-wide feed places. Diameter 44cm, height 50cm overall. Another quality Crown poultry product.

Crown poultry feeders have some valuable features. The suspension point incorporates a wing nut adjuster for feed flow. This gives a very wide range to produce optimum flow and trough levels for various feeds and seed sizes. Also the troughs have segregations to reduce losses from birds flicking seed out sideways. Heavy galvanising on all metal parts. Lids available separately.
A very good-size all-plastic suspension feeder, complete with lid. Heavy-duty plastic construction. Dimensions: bowl diameter 56cm; height 56cm. Optional 65cm-diameter plastic cover ideal for outdoor use of feeder.
This is the well-proven Crown suspension feeder with the addition of a large covering lid. The feeder can still be suspended as usual, if required, but does require disconnection and removal of the cover for refilling. The 3kg and 5kg covers are 32cm diameter, and the 8kg and 15kg covers are 47cm diameter, allowing feeders to be used outdoors without other shelter.
Crown suspension feeders have some valuable features. The suspension point incorporates a wing nut adjuster for feed flow. This gives a very wide range to produce optimum flow and trough levels for various feeds and seed sizes. Heavy galvanising on all metal parts. This range feature a removable lid. If used as a suspension feeder the lid is strung onto the drop wire first (using the hole provided), allowing easy refilling of the hopper.

Tankstand-type feeder. The hopper is removable for easy cleaning. It has a big 24cm-diameter screw lid, also incorporating handles each side for easy carrying. Hopper is translucent for visibility of feed level. Feeder stands 62cm high, with bowl lip 18cm high. Diameter 36cm.

Why haven’t we seen these before? New from Chick’a (France). The feed left in this feeder is visible. What a great idea! The bowl part is detachable for cleaning. Supplied with adjustable cord for suspension. Feed waste-minimizer. Diameter 30cm. UV stabilised.
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Simple non-suspension galvanised poultry feeder with plastic lid. The feed tray is 52cm diameter with a 13cm-high lip, and the height is 60cm overall. Feed flow is controlled by means of a series of clip-holes on the central spindle. The plastic lid is simply lifted off for filling.

Simple galvanised-iron poultry feeders, with plastic lids. The 5kg feeder tray is 32cm diameter and the height is 30cm o.a. The 18kg feeder is 38cm diameter and the height is 50cm o.a. The plastic lid is easily removed for filling. Feed flow is adjustable by means of an internal holding clip. The feeders can be suspended by use of the hole at the top of the centre spindle.