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$5.95 inc. GST

Big ABS plastic handles make these heavy duty scissors more comfortable to use. Stainless steel blades. Serrated blade reduces blade slippage making these scissors ideal for craft or animal grooming work. Length 26cm o.a.

215 417
$12.95 inc. GST
Our multipurpose scissors are great to have around the home or farm. Pretty well cut anything. Nice big comfy plastic handles. Incorporate bottle opener, cap openers (2), wire stripper, screwdriver, key-hole cutter. Also quickly slipped apart (no tool required) to create a great dagger-type knife, ideal for opening bags, or slicing/cutting anything. You will never want to lose these. Length 22cm o.a.

Nickel-plated cast-steel needles are very strong. Round point, useful for all sewing work where cutting of hole is not wanted. Dimension is length across point to eye.

215 266
$45.95 inc. GST
Designed to fit smart-phones - up to 150 x 75mm. All-leather pouch with Velcro closure. Plastic-insert screen protector at back (body side). Loop for belts up to 50mm. Black colour. Stitched and riveted for best security.
Nickel-plated cast-steel needles are very strong. Round point for all sewing jobs where cutting of hole is not wanted. Length is overall.
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Highly-adhesive 48mm-wide cloth tape in 9m rolls. Great general purpose tape around home or farm.
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Useful for minor surgical procedures such as removing extra teats from calves etc. Blunt/blunt curved.
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Suitable for general use, including trimming hair for debudding, branding, grooming, minor surgery, etc. Blunt/blunt curved.
General use blunt/blunt scissors.
General use blunt/blunt scissors.