212 527
$65.95 inc. GST
212 528
$95.95 inc. GST
Kamer-brand hand-grip scales, also incorporating a 1m retracting tape measure. Big easy-to-read digital numbers. Weights in kg or lb. An interesting feature is a ‘hold’ ability, activated by pressing the Reset button. If this is done with the load on the scale, the user does not have to try to read the scale at the same time as holding a load upwards. Powered by one replaceable lithium battery.
204 546
$5.70 inc. GST
209 096
$7.55 inc. GST
204 545
$9.95 inc. GST

Not all measuring jugs are created equal. Our Fjord jugs are made to suit industry, rather than just the kitchen. They are highly chemical-resistant, food grade polypropylene, and they are easy and safe to hold. Fjord carefully researched the ergonomics of handling a jug of potentially dangerous liquid.  Their handles suit a gloved hand as well as a bare hand - a very important feature. When using a Fjord jug full to specified volume, there is still heaps of freeboard. And the spout pours precisely. And the measurement marks won’t rub off. So buying these quality jugs is worth more than their price.

213 418
$29.95 inc. GST
213 417
$29.95 inc. GST
213 416
$29.95 inc. GST
Big clear dial and pointer. Alloy body with stainless hooks. Great scales for everyday use around home or farm. These are our ‘economy’ brand. Excellent value.
205 431
$59.95 inc. GST
205 432
$59.95 inc. GST
205 433
$59.95 inc. GST
Big clear dial and pointer. Alloy body and stainless hanger and hook. High-impact resistant poly­carbonate dial cover. Every farm needs a set. Weigh calves, feed, seeds, fertiliser, chemicals, produce, etc. Scale faces read in pounds and kilograms. Replacement face covers available.
**250kg scale has a heavier body and mechanism.
212 774
$135.00 inc. GST
This scale is especially suitable for the user who wants to have something compact, smooth and lightweight to carry around, but also comfortable and convenient to use. The scale can be hung from the handle hole, but is really made for holding in hand using the substantial handgrip. The weight hook folds into a slot in the case, so does not rattle or catch on things, making the whole unit smooth and compact. The tare can be reset simply by a press on the start button on the front. Read in kg or lb. Memory features incorporated. Movement whilst weighing is compensated to give a firm figure. Auto power-off. Powered by 9v battery (supplied). Great scale for the fish box.
205 427
$11.95 inc. GST
205 428
$15.95 inc. GST
205 429
$19.95 inc. GST

Traditional-type brass face-plate spring-balance quality scales, made in Germany. Ring at top and hook at bottom. Dimensions in brackets above are the length of the brass face-plate.

206 825
$25.95 inc. GST
A good strong instrument to leave in the field or garden. Metal shaft encasing a glass °C capillary thermometer. Incorporates two separate thermometers to give either soil plus air temperatures, or deep plus shallow soil temperatures. Nickel plated finish. 30cm long o.a.
This higher quality therm­ometer is ideal for reading deeper soil temperatures. The sensing bulb can be buried up to 15cm, with the scale still visible. Sturdy green plastic case, with red top-knob for easy location in the garden. Capillary scale from 0 to 80°C. Length 32cm o.a.
From Little Giant, USA. These are quality funnels, made from polyethylene resin that is resistant to almost any chemical or lubricant. All have a fine-mesh brass screen built in. The thing about these funnels is they have bigger bowl capacities, so are less likely to over-flow than regular funnels. And the outlet is wide and fast flowing. A hook-hole flange is incorporated for hanging funnel up. Dimension is funnel opening diameter.

Handy measuring cylinders for mixing or dispensing small amounts of liquid. Calibrated at 5ml intervals. Clear plastic.

Handy fast-reading thermometer for obtaining soil temperatures. Celcius or Fahrenheit. Simple On/Off start button. Probe 13cm long. Supplied with probe-protector with pocket clip. Length 21cm o.a.